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Sanopast P3 (Breeding and molting paste without...

Sanopast P3 (Breeding and molting paste without browning)

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Morbid breeding paste without browning, ideal for breeding and molting.

Composition: Extruded cereals 52%, soy flour, calcium carbonate, yeast, perilla seed 3%, hemp seed 3%, niger seed 2%, soybean oil, agave syrup 0.1%.

Additives: (per 1kg of product) Vitamin A 3a672a 10,000 IU/kg; vitamin D3 3a671 2000 IU/kg; Vitamin E 3a700 30 mg/kg; vitamin K3 3a711 2 mg/kg, vitamin B1 3a821 2 mg/kg; vitamin B2 3a825iv 5 mg/kg; vitamin B5 11 mg/kg, vitamin B6 3a831 4 mg/kg; vitamin B12 3a835 23 mg/kg; Niacin 3a314 30 mg/kg; Folic acid 3a316 1 mg/kg; Choline chloride 3a890 150 mg/kg; Betaine 3a925 75 mg/kg. Trace elements: Iron 3b107 30 mg/kg; Copper Cu, 3b412 3mg/kg; Manganese Mn, 3b511 mg/kg; Zinc Zn, 3b612 40 mg/kg; iodine 3b203 1 mg/kg; Selenium Se, 3b801 0.10 mg/kg.

Minerals: Calcium 0.07%; Magnesium 0.01%

Binders: Sepiolite E 562 450 mg/kg

Antioxidants and Preservatives

In original packaging, stored in a cool, dark place.

Provide sufficient quantity for daily consumption in a feeder along with clean, fresh water.

Formats: 5kg and 10kg


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